As the composition of romance historical novels is under construction

As the composition of romance historical novels is under construction

That the romance novel did not become the doubtful history developing against abstract events it is necessary to study thoroughly the era described by you, to learn about the most influential people of that time and to pay attention to the trifles seeming at the first sight insignificant.

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Choose the country and a time span in which events of your novel will develop. Read textbooks of history, study a political and military situation of that period. Remember that the state could be called during this period absolutely in a different way.

Read the notes of contemporaries or research of historians devoted to large politicians, commanders, monarchs who will become participants of your narration. It will allow to fill the novel with interesting descriptions.

Think up a novel plot. The classical love story develops usually as follows. Two young and beautiful people meet in difficult for the country (area, a sort or a family) times. They can fall in love with each other at first sight, but, perhaps, at first will begin to hate each other as belong to different estates or are offsprings of the conflicting clans. Anyway, you have to plan a narration so that circumstances and intriguers prevented lovers to be together. Among such obstacles there can be a war, engagement of one of the main characters with the man of weight, the status of the illegitimate child. In an ending all troubles will be overcome and lovers will reunite. Usually the narration comes to an end on it.

Observe time frames of your narration. The events developing in the novel have to correspond to historical events of that period about which there is a speech.

Consider the status of the woman during the concrete time period. Quite perhaps, in times about which you write, all women were locked up and embroidered gobelins. Therefore the description of how the main character sat down on a horse and jumped to cut enemies, it will be inappropriate for one reason – she simply could not know how to get onto a horse. Though, of course, there were also exceptions.

Add the novel with authentic descriptions of the cities and natural landscapes. For this purpose it is possible to address to history of the concrete settlement, and to study views of the district according to photos, having excluded modern constructions from consideration.

Study features of suits and clothes of the era chosen by you. It will allow to make a narration more reliable, especially if in the novel there are bed scenes.