How to add icons

How to add icons

Old icons bother quickly enough, besides standard icons - quite same and boring, and sometimes there is a strong wish for a variety. New icons will refresh a type of a desktop of your personal computer. Spend a little time, wander on the Internet – and you will find cool and nice icons on the taste. It is necessary only to add them to himself on a desktop. Here is how it is possible to make it.

It is required to you

To add new icons and to replace old icons of the main buttons "My Computer", "My Documents", "Basketful", "Empty Basket" and "Network Environment", you will need a set of new creative icons.

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In a convenient place, for example, on a disk D, create the special folder for new icons, for example, "My creative icons".


Download new icons which were pleasant to you and keep them in the new folder.


Right-click on a desktop, it can be made in any place.


In the appeared window click on the Properties menu.


In a new window press the Desktop tab, and then - the Control of a Desktop button.


In a new window you will see badges. Choose an icon which you want to replace, and press the option "Replace a Badge".


In the opened window press the option "Review", and choose a new icon in the My Creative Icons folder. The icon is changed and added on a desktop.