How to make a rake

How to make a rake

Rake is one of the most necessary garden tools. A rake rake up the fallen-down foliage and garbage, break earth lumps, loosen beds. In old times in Russia a rake all called, than it was possible to cling something. And "plunder" the word was a synonym of the word you "eat".

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Simple universal rake consists of the metal working cloth with teeths attached to a wooden shank. Such rake is rather heavy. Therefore now let out a rake from plastic and high-strength aluminum. Their weight is much less, and the number and a form of teeths can be various. A wooden rake is intended for cleaning and loosening of hay, a grass. Such rake is not on sale in shops. You should do them. Also as well as a universal rake, they consists of a working cloth - a wooden block with teeths, a shank and the coupling.


Production of a wooden rake requires some grades of wood. So the shank can be made of a tree of coniferous breeds, a pine, a fir-tree. For a block and teeths solid wood is necessary: elm, mountain ash, birch.
Take pine whetstone and make of it a block of a rake 50-60 cm long, 5 cm wide and 3 cm high. Smoothly pare down it a plane.


Drill in an opening block for teeths with a diameter of 10-15 mm, with a step to 40 mm.
Take a birch chock and accurately split it into squares a small hatchet. From squares to a vystrugayta a knife necessary quantity of teeths 10-12 cm long of the form chosen by you. Make a neck of teeths 1-2 mm more, than an opening in a block for more dense occurrence. Point the ends of teeths.


From a direct round branch of a pine or a fir-tree to a vystrugayta a shank for a rake. It point one end. Oshkurite shank emery cloth.


Make spent on drink 20-25 cm on other end of a shank. Spent on drink the end on a shank fix the metal coupling and nails. Move apart the sawn-through parts on 10-15 cm and point them.