How to make a New Year's mask

How to make a New Year's mask

New Year's masquerade - an excellent occasion to show the imagination and identity. And the more attention you pay to a choice of an image and creation of a mask, the it is more at you than chances of success.

It is required to you

Color paper (fur, fabric), glue, scissors, threads with a needle, accessories for ornament.

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Decide on the character whom you plan to represent. If the concrete plan is not present, take as a basis traditional New Year's images: Father Frost, Snow Maiden, New Year's Fir-tree, Snowman, Snowflake, New year, Snow Queen. Or ask for the help east calendar and create the image according to the animal representing the coming year.
If you do a mask to the child - to your choice the huge list of fairy tale characters.

Write down to yourself the sketch on paper. It will help you not to deviate from conceived and to build the actions in the necessary order.

Think over, of what material will do a mask. It can be paper, a foil, fabric, skin, fur, rubber, polyethylene or something more non-standard. At a choice of material remember some important rules. Material should not irritate face skin or have a lining. It has to correspond to as much as possible conceived image (for example, it is more expedient to make a mask of a hare of fur, and Zorro's mask will look as well as possible executed from black skin or the atlas).

Decide on accessories which are necessary for creation of the fullest image. So can decorate a mask of New year for recognition with four figures designating the next year, or hours which shooters stood for the half-night. Any animal mask will become more expressive in the presence of a nose, eyes and moustaches. The mask of the Snowman is inconceivable without nose carrot. And the main attribute of a mask of Father Frost - a white beard.

Make a pattern of the conceived mask. For this purpose do not forget to measure parameters of the person (width of the person, distance between eyes, location of a nose and so on). Apply a pattern to the person. If the result suits you - safely cut out a mask from the prepared material.

Process a mask depending on the used material in avoidance of fast failure. Sew/paste a lining. Attach the mechanism at the expense of which the mask will keep. It can be both a usual elastic band or the handle, and more difficult designs. For example, a ski hat or handles of points if those are represented on a mask. Anyway, do not forget to check reliability of fastenings. Paste over all openings with additional layers of strong material (especially if you do a mask of paper or a papier-mache).

Add a mask with the New Year's suit and good mood corresponding to an image.