How to remove janitors of vases

How to remove janitors of vases

The screen wipers called in the people by "janitors" in case of their breakage, will not be able fully to delete about the surfaces of a windshield of pollution which are formed on it during movement of the car in bad weather: during loss of rainfall in the form of a rain or snow. Similar malfunction significantly reduces safety of driving and demands urgent repair.

It is required to you

- set of the metalwork tool.

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In this connection, failure of "janitors" does impossible further operation of the car. By the way, operation of the car with such malfunction is direct violation of the rules of traffic that is fraught for the driver with penalties from representatives of competent authorities.


We suggest to study dismantle of this device on the example of carrying out similar works on the car VAZ of "the tenth generation".
To remove "janitors", it is necessary to disconnect the weights cable from the accumulator first of all.


Then in back part of a motor compartment the overlay of a body located is removed is slightly lower than a windshield.


Further, in the same place, around placement of the main brake cylinder, and also on the left side, noise isolation elements are removed.


If the washer reservoir gives an inconvenience in work, exempt it from fastening, having unfastened a fastener, and take aside.


On it the preparatory stage is finished, and now we start for the sake of what, actually, and repair is started.


Having separated an electric block of a screen wiper with a plait, the fastening bolt the motor reducer gets out.


Then, having turned off nuts, the right and left arms of brush holders are exempted from fastening.


Now the screen wiper is completely exempted from fastenings and it can be taken, previously having developed on a quarter of a turn.


All further actions depend on what failed. But anyway, it is much more convenient to carry out repair of so difficult mechanism on a workbench, than under a car cowl.