How to determine the dressing gown size

How to determine the dressing gown size

This type of clothes is very convenient in a house situation, and it with pleasure is carried by many women. Do not disregard it and representatives of a strong half. After all as it is pleasant to put on a warm terry dressing gown after a shower or the easy silk dress granting a cool during a heat. But, as well as any subject of clothes, a dressing gown need to be picked up for the size and human height correctly.

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For a start it is necessary to know, what category of a dressing gown is necessary to you. Their three – women's dressing gowns, man's and dressing gowns like "unisex" which can approach equally both to men, and women. On designation the sizes of men's and women's dressing gowns, it agrees with the European standards, differ on one. For example, if on a label you see designation by XL, in a women's dressing gown it corresponds to the habitual 50th size, and in the man's – to the 52nd. In dressing gowns like "unisex" man's standards are accepted.

Apply some main sizes to terry, and also velyurovy dressing gowns. "S" (small) – corresponds to the 44th size, "M" (medium) – 46th, "L" (large) – 48-50. Then there are man's sizes XL (50-52), XXL (52-54), XXXL (54-56). To determine the size more precisely, you can use the standard size table which is easy for finding in the Internet.

On labels of import dressing gowns you can sometimes see an inscription of "one size". It means that this thing will be suitable equally well both for the 46th, and for the 50th the sizes.

Upon purchase of a dressing gown for the child you have to know that its growth is taken into account. I.e. to get the dressing gown suitable by the size, measure growth of your kid.

Women's dressing gowns can differ in abundance of details and have difficult breed. Therefore to get the thing which is perfectly sitting on you, it is necessary to consider different measures, and not just a breast grasp.

It is necessary to determine the necessary parameters so. Undress to underwear and remove footwear to make more exact measurements. For definition of a grasp of a breast place centimeter on the most acting points of a breast and on axillary hollows. More precisely to measure a waist, tie a belt or a lace on the bottleneck of a trunk and apply centimeter. Measure a grasp of hips on the most acting points of buttocks and hips.

If your figure has any features – wider hips or the bigger size of a breast, big shoulders, etc., for a dressing gown it is necessary to take bigger parameter into account.