How to cut off a tile

How to cut off a tile

When performing facing of walls or a floor people surely face trimming of a tile. Business this usual. After all walls which length is multiple to width quite seldom meet. At tiles are sharp it is necessary to show consideration for calculations very much.

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To cut off a tile, for a start draw on it by means of a pencil the line of a section. After that on this mark carry out the glass-cutter, putting upon it strong pressure. Completely it will be possible to cut a tile at once hardly. Put the made an incision material on the table edge and slightly strike on it. The tile has to break on two parts. If you need a narrow strip, it is possible to apply flat-nose pliers.


Such device, as kafelerez enjoys wide popularity. This tool combines in itself the glass-cutter and flat-nose pliers. It has very acceptable cost, besides, its acquisition will be justified if big repair is necessary to you. It is necessary to cut a tile such device by analogy with the first way. but it is much more convenient to do it.


At the moment there are very many ways of an arrangement of a tile on a wall. Most effective to put a tile on a diagonal. However this method quite difficult as it is necessary to cut all tiles located on joints of walls in half. Being near a ceiling and a floor also it is necessary to cut.


If the tile is glued in the way "seam in a seam", it is only necessary to cut off that that is located in corners of walls. At a vykladyvaniye of a tile asymmetrically, it is necessary to begin not from the center of a surface, and from a wall joint with other wall. Most often at such way to cut off a tile it is practically not necessary. As a result expenses on materials will be the most minimum.


If you need to cut a large number of a tile, it is best of all to get plitkorez. Unlike the glass-cutter, it has a castor with a diameter of 1,5 centimeters that allows to do deeper cut.