How to connect a children's sundress

How to connect a children's sundress

The kidswear has to be convenient and beautiful, and some parents prefer to knit and sew children's things independently instead of buying them in shop. The children's sundress connected by own hands should not be adjusted to the size and growth of the child – you will be able to connect it, being guided by exact measures, and also to decorate with any patterns, decorative elements and openwork frills.

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Choose a thin soft yarn of any color, prepare spokes of the necessary size and start knitting a sundress from back part of a skirt. In advance connect a sample on which you define what will be density of knitting and what quantity of loops according to this density will be.


In the first row connect ten loops front knitting and one back, and then repeat knitting in such a way until the end of a row. At the end of a row connect five front loops and pass to the following row. Since the second row and to the last, knit in the same way, as well as the first, alternating ten front and one back loop.


Displace loops when knitting that on a cloth corrugated folds were formed. When you dovyazht a cloth from a hem to the line of hips, start diminishing gradually loops on all width of a product.


At first connect together on two loops before each convex element of a relief, then a provyazyvayta together on two loops before each concave relief, and then make two more decreases, provyazyvy on two loops after everyone convex and after each concave relief.


Recede from each relief during decreases one-two loops that knitting was accurate, and the line of a relief was not broken. Since a waistline, connect a simple elastic band 2х2 cloth 15 cm wide, and then connect a cloth platochny knitting.


When before and a back of a sundress are ready, take a hook and strings of the same color, and tie with a hook cut of a sundress, doing chains of several air loops that the openwork edge turned out. Also you can tie with an openwork edge a sundress hem.


In order that the sundress had sleeves wings, separately gather new loops on armholes and connect wings platochny knitting.