How to build the brick house

How to build the brick house

Brick – the ideal decision for those who wants to construct a strong country house. It badly stores heat, but can stand till 200 years without capital repairs. Construction of such dwelling consists of several stages.

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Think over the project of construction. Think where want to locate the house, what size it will be as engineering communications will settle down, inhabited and non-residential premises, other details.


Develop the concept interior and landscaping. Do not go at once to fine details, at least simply outline where that will settle down.


Lay the foundation. Especially strong it has to be on the location of bearing walls.


Put up walls. Pay more attention to warming and heat insulation.


Establish internal overlappings from monoliths or combined details. Monolithic overlappings allow to dispose more freely of space and facilitates internal finishing.


Roof. As under it the penthouse or an inhabited attic can settle down, soil a corner of slopes not less than 45 ° or use other type.