How to find work What main secrets of interview?

How to find work What main secrets of interview?
Work - a necessary condition of our life in our society. Society at us modern, the relations are under construction on money, from it not to get to anywhere. Money - work - money. And there is a wish for money much, work is always necessary.

Generally, job search - too work, is a new saying haunts looking for and the sufferer. Citizens of the Russian Federation visit various trainings, read the mass of publications on interview, the summary, image.

I consider that it is the whole industry. Let someone have nothing to do how to spend such necessary money for any nonsenses, I will free of charge give couple of advice, the most main by means of which you with ease will get any job necessary to you. In the presence of, of course, education if the position demands that.

Judge. You will seldom meet the inadequate person going on the first interview in a state of intoxication or it is unreal estimating the opportunities. And for work all the same did not take. So in what business?

1. Be pleasant externally. "White top, a dark bottom" - ideal option for all works and employers. Accurate hairdress, modest make-up, fresh breath and so on.

Do not go too far in spirits. Tastes at all different, it not theater. Neutral fresh smell, soft and unostentatious.

Disgusting spirits are the first reason of rejection you the employer. Nobody wants to smell every day disgusting to mind and to heart began to smell. Be more careful with this point.

2. Psychology. Look fool in the face, smile and nod, agree.

What chief wants to quarrel at work? You have to be very peaceful and sociable, at least make a type of such person.

In process of conversation determine by the employer of his purpose. And, maybe, he on the contrary, waits from you for fireworks of new ideas and innovation?

Attentively look on a situation. The most important, be all attention. Any director does not like to explain on ten times. All employers love that people worked precisely, independently as small screws and shpuntik.

3. Professionalism. Yes... If you have breaks in work over a year or two - try to find a plausible explanation.

If you something are not able, swear to the employer with readiness and confidence in own forces that you surely learn it.

Most important: often eagerness replaces professionalism and is appreciated even more!

Finally: be honest. First, with itself. And whether you need this work and what it will give you?

Of course, be honest and decent people not only in the opinion of the employer, but also actually.

Anything so is not appreciated in the world from time immemorial, as honesty and decency, even sanctity if you wishif you wish.