How to organize cheerful birthday

How to organize cheerful birthday

Birthday, unfortunately or fortunately, happens only once in a year and, of course, there is a wish to make it cheerful and unforgettable. It is not difficult at all if in advance to think over and provide some organizational moments.

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Choose an action venue. Birthday can pass in the apartment, at dacha, outdoors, in cafe, a country complex. For fans of active recreation fine option – bowling. If the apartment is expensive to you, for carrying out a children's holiday it is better to choose cafe, the nature or children's club. The placement to cafe has to be separated from other visitors. Though if you invite some closest people, it is possible to take place also at home.


Dispatch the invitation for guests. For children of the invitation can be made in the form of the drawn card. Represent the text of the invitation and drawing or the child can make it.


Think up the scenario of a holiday. Organize carrying out various competitions, quizes. Their contents depends on an age category of guests and the hero of the occasion. You can prepare all, or involve the animators having experience of carrying out similar actions.


Prepare incentive prizes which will be given after passing of tasks. It can be special zhetonchik, hand them after the end of each competition. On end of a holiday present to owners of zhetonchik souvenirs. If birthday children's, take care of that souvenirs received all kids.


Except competitions, think over board and floor games for guests. In case of carrying out a holiday for the adult, it can be various gamblings.


Decorate an action venue. If the holiday is spent indoors – draw posters with congratulations. All who came to a holiday can finish texts of congratulations. In case of carrying out action outdoors – prepare tables, benches chairs on which can sit and have a rest guests. Hang out inflatable balls everywhere. The balls inflated with helium can be let out then in the sky, making a wish.


If you were solved on carrying out house birthday, order delivery of live tropical butterflies. They, undoubtedly, will delight all participants of a holiday and, at the correct leaving, will please you within 3-4 weeks.


Prepare entertainments and drinks for guests. Outdoors fry shish kebabs. Indoors – put various snack, alcoholic and soft drinks on a table. It is not obligatory to prepare so that the table broke. It is possible to organize a buffet reception. For children's birthday it is quite enough to prepare only drinks, light meals and sweets which the child can take from a table in breaks between games.