How to choose the vinyl player

How to choose the vinyl player

It is known that the fashion periodically comes back, whether it be clothes, cars or musical instruments. It concerned also the vinyl player which is irreplaceable attribute of a house audio equipment for each music lover respecting himself. Besides, today many popular musicians and DJs are issued on vinila so it is time to get again players for old kind plates.

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First of all pay attention to high-speed characteristics and the general functionality of the motor of the player. It is recommended to choose motors which can block the quartz stabilizer of speed.

Attentively examine the disk flywheel forming the basis for a plate. It has to be quite massive to provide the stable frequency of rotation. Modern flywheels make of a leksan and acryle. These materials are harmless and have resonant frequency in the safe range.

Pay attention to the drive. It is intended for rotation of a plate with a certain frequency, thus, without creating any acoustic hindrances. It is not recommended to take vinyl players with the direct or roller drive because they have quite high level of vibration. In addition, the direct drive can cause electromagnetic aimings on a sound pickup, and everything together it will be incompatible with high-quality sounding. The best option – the passikovy drive which provides isolation of a disk flywheel from motor vibrations.

Show consideration for a choice of a tonarm. It serves for movement of a needle of a sound pickup on a vinyl record along its radius. Tonarm has to be made of a coal plastic and fasten on "floating" chassis. It will help to reduce considerably the level of vibration and to improve quality of reproduction of a sound.

Well and at last, needle. Choose a needle from calculation "the more expensively, the better". In this case it quite so. Spherical needles – inexpensive and simple in production. A shortcoming them that because of bad tracking of modulation of a ditch in a place of high level of record. It conducts to deformation of a plate that in turn leads to a total distortion of a sound. There are still elliptic needles. They are much dearer, but give much more smaller distortion of a sound.