How to learn an insurance experience

How to learn an insurance experience

Rules of calculation of an insurance experience, and also the rule of confirmation of an insurance experience are approved by Ministry of Health. It is necessary for determination of the general size of grants on disability, pregnancy and childbirth for the citizens who are subject to obligatory insurance. The experience includes the work period according to the employment contract, and also time of municipal or public civil service.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles Kak to determine an experience of the worker Kak by the subject "How to Learn an Insurance Experience" to confirm an insurance experience Kak to count the general length of service


Joins in an insurance experience also the periods of any activity if the person was subject to obligatory social insurance. Also that time when the private notary or the individual entrepreneur voluntary paid insurance premiums in Social insurance fund is among such periods.

Some periods which before are considered at calculation of the seniority do not enter an insurance experience, for example, time of service in law enforcement agencies and army, and also training in school.

If the insurance experience appears less labor, the continuous seniority is accepted to an insurance experience. However since 2007 rules of calculation changed, and now the insurance experience is defined on the date of disability approach. Time entering an experience count in a calendar order taking into account the whole months and the whole years, that is every month has to have 30 days. Each 30 days are translated in the whole months, and 12 months in the whole years.

If in the supporting document exact start dates of the period of work and termination were not specified, lack of date is equal to the 15th day of the corresponding month. If only year is specified, take for date on July 1 that years.

To learn an insurance experience count total number of days in every period entering the seniority after that divide the received value consistently on 30, then on 12. Find, thus, number of the whole months and the whole years.

More exact result can be received, without translating number of the full fulfilled years and months in days. Count number of years, days and months in every period which enters an insurance experience. After summarize number of the fulfilled months, days and years. If number of days equally or more than 30 to share it on 30. The whole part of the received result will be number of the whole months, add it to the received first value. In case the sum equally 12 or more than 12, divide into the 12th number of the fulfilled months. The whole part of a result will be number of full years on which increase initially received number of years of an insurance experience.