How to make a protsentovka

How to make a protsentovka

Protsentovka represents a special type of the estimate which contains information on actually performed works. Thus the percentage ratio between amount of completed work and full volume according to all estimate pays off. The order of giving and drawing up a protsentovka is defined by the Resolution of Goskomstat of the Russian Federation No. 71a of 31.10.1997.

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Use for drawing up a protsentovka acts of the performed works on the accounting KS-2, KS-3 forms, and in certain cases KS-6a, and also forms which are provided by the general contractor.

Give prior to the beginning of a data protsentovka which contain information on the written-off materials spent when working. It is also necessary to note what equipment was established on object, and to provide copies of documents of the mounted equipment. Sometimes happens so that the general contractor tries to overestimate volumes therefore it is necessary to check all accompanying documents carefully.

Begin preparation for drawing up a protsentovka some weeks prior to an established period, in ideal option start working on it at once after signing of the previous. Make the plan of works and projects which need to be executed in the current reporting period for preparation of basic data.

Visit object, check current state of works. Remember that for the wrong reporting the blame will be laid on you, but not on the supervising foreman or the foreman. Collect full and sufficient base for drawing up a protsentovka.

Fill demanded by the customer and the general contractor of a form for a protsentovka. According to estimates or distribution make information on volumes of the closed works. Show amounts of works to technical supervision for what it is necessary to spend his representative on object and to point to the moments which are specified in a protsentovka. Receive at technical supervision confirmation according to the court order of the specified volumes.

Close all instructions. Transfer to the general contractor the reference received in technical supervision on the performed works which confirms these protsentovka. Providing the reporting to the customer will be the last stage. Thus it is necessary to prove fully the volume of the performed work, otherwise it can refuse to sign the made protsentovka.