How to connect a sound on the monitor

How to connect a sound on the monitor

Many monitors support reproduction of a sound on the simple columns which are built in them. Most often such option of connection is acceptable for office computers where quality and volume of sound is unimportant.

It is required to you

- a special cable for connection.

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Adjust the sound card if it it was not made earlier on your computer. Install the driver which usually goes complete with the device or on one disk with the motherboard in case the adapter internal. Be convinced that existence of columns is provided in your model of the monitor.

Find a wire for their connection, previously having looked, what socket is provided for an entrance. Most often in monitors usual jack is used, thus connection comes by drawing of a wire from it to the socket of the sound card noted by the pictogram of earphones or the corresponding abbreviation.

If connection separately of the left and right columns is provided in your model of the monitor, connect them to the sound device of your computer similarly, and in the monitor connect two wires according to the color scheme or symbols if those are available. Most often thus connection of a sound in old kineskopny models or in the modern - in what there is an internal TV tuner is carried out. Also some computers monoblocks often differ in rather quite good sounding of the loudspeakers which are built in them. Anyway, the monitor is not able to replace the full-fledged speaker system.

Adjust the loudness of columns of the monitor by means of the corresponding buttons on its forward panel. If it is necessary, install the monitor driver going complete with the device, quite perhaps at you there will be an additional utility of control of a sound.

Pay attention that the majority of columns of monitors do not maintain high quality of sounding therefore if you are going to watch movies on the computer or to listen to music, get as soon as possible new separate columns or use earphones.