How to prepare salad with squids and smoked fish?

How to prepare salad with squids and smoked fish?
Salad which I offer on your strict court, will be fine addition to any potato or rice dish. It prepares simply and "leaves" with a bang.

Salad with squids and smoked fish

For 4-6 portions it will be necessary for you:

Squids (tinned) – 200 g
Smoked fish (fillet) – 400 g
Eggs (boiled) – 3 pieces.
Lime – 1 piece.
Green peas (tinned) – 2-3 tbsps.
Corn (tinned) – 1-2 tbsps.
Greens (parsley, fennel) – for registration
Mayonnaise – ½ glasses

Way of preparation:

Cut the ingredients intended for salad, as follows:

- squids – thin straws or ringlets;
- fish – small slices;
- eggs – can be grated on an average grater, and it is possible to cut in cubes;
- a half of a lime – thin small slices, previously having cleared it of a peel.

After that, put all components in a deep bowl, add peas and corn, dress with mayonnaise, and mix everything.

Before giving shift salad in a salad bowl to a table and decorate it with the remained lime, having cut it on thin slices, and small cut greens. Though, personally I have nothing against and more colourful registration which can be made of tomatoes, cucumbers and paprika.

Bon appetit!