How to be prepared for a photoepilation

How to be prepared for a photoepilation

In the market of rendering cosmetic services the photoepilation appeared not so long ago, but already gained popularity. Opportunity to get rid of unnecessary hairs on a body, applying powerful impulses of light and without feeling thus pains, attracts more and more women. But, as well as any procedure, a photoepilation demands preliminary preparation.

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First of all, pay attention that there are contraindications to a photoepilation. This disease of diabetes, eczema, psoriasis. Heavy forms of a hypertension, varicosity, skin oncology and heart troubles. It is not recommended to do a photoepilation at fresh suntan.


Consider that before procedure it is undesirable to delete within a month hairs by means of wax strips or an electroepilation. As a last resort, has to pass not less than a week after the last removal.


Just before procedure shave hair or remove by means of special cream.


Consider that it is undesirable to carry out a photoepilation in the summer, because of influence of sunshine. Therefore, try to plan processing of skin for colder season.


Do not accept medicines for suntan, tranquilizers and antibiotics.


Do not use any cosmetics in day of carrying out a photoepilation.


Stock up with patience. To remove hairs from a body, at least, three procedures will be required. And it is possible to carry out them with a break from 1–2 weeks to 1,5 months. It will depend on your skin and councils of the cosmetologist. If you the brunette, much quicker get rid of a problem, than fair-haired girls. They should visit a photoepilation a little more often. Therefore blondes should be prepared for what it is necessary to do without suntan rather long time.


After procedure of a photoepilation it is not recommended to visit pools, saunas, the Russian steam rooms for three days. It is necessary to limit all water procedures significantly.

If you answer all conditions, consider yourself quite prepared for a photoepilation. Also get rid of unnecessary hairs on a body without serious consequences and comfortably.

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