How to restore the acid accumulator

How to restore the acid accumulator

For restoration of capacity of the lead-acid automobile accumulator there are two widespread ways. The first way consists in repeated charging for a long time. The second differs in speed of performance.

It is required to you

- charger;
- ammoniac solution of a trilon B.

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Essence of the first way – a repeated battery charging small current with breaks between charging cycles. During the first and last cycle tension on plugs of the accumulator increases and the effect from recharge falls. In a break between cycles of charging electrode potentials of plates are leveled, density of electrolyte is distributed and stress of joint stock bank is removed. In the course of such way of charging density of electrolyte increases, and the capacity of the accumulator increases.


For performance of cyclic charging, connect the charger to the accumulator. Establish force of charging current, equal 4-6% of the nominal capacity of joint stock bank. Duration of each cycle of a charge has to be 6-8 hours. Break duration between cycles of a charge of 8-16 hours. Quantity of cycles of a charge 4-6. When density of electrolyte reaches normal value for this type of the accumulator, and tension on each section will reach 2,5-2,7 B, stop a charge.


Use the second way if necessary to restore accumulator capacity for a short time (less than 2 hours). Discharged by joint stock bank previously load in any way. After completion of process merge all electrolyte and wash out the battery the distilled water 2-3 times. Then fill in the ammoniac solution of a trilon of B (etilendiamintetrauksusnokisly sodium) consisting of 2% of a trilon of B and 5% of ammonia. Sustain solution in the battery within an hour.


The specified solution will carry out a desulfatation of plates of joint stock bank. Gas with the advent of splashes will be emitted for solution surfaces thus. At completion of process gas emission will stop. If plates strongly of a sulfatirovana, repeat processing. After completion of processing merge solution, wash out the battery the distilled water 2-3 times and fill with electrolyte with a normal density. Do a battery charging according to recommendations in the passport to its nominal capacity.


Get ammoniac solution of a trilon of B in autoshop or order in chemical laboratory. Store it in a dark place in a sealed container.