How to rise in work

How to rise in work

Career growth - one of the main advantages at the device for new work. However without necessary efforts to occupy the top steps of a career ladder it will not turn out. But any objective can achieve if patiently and persistently to move to it.

It is required to you

- patience,
- initiative,
- receiving additional knowledge,
- high working capacity.

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Irrespective of the fact which you hold a position in the company, do the work faultlessly. Many consider that if carry out elementary functions for a cheap salary, and it is possible to work indifferently. Such way closes any prospect of development. Even if you pack products on cash desk of a supermarket, you can it better do the others. You will be estimated as the conscientious worker, and as soon as possible can entrust more serious duties.


Try to examine most fully and in detail work of the company. Understand its structure and prospects, define the personal ways of development in it. Be not limited only to own functionality, be defined, how exactly you would like to rise at your work.


Constantly develop. Most often it appears that for a new position you simply do not have qualification and elementary knowledge. Get the correspondence education, learn a foreign language, attend an evening school, participate in seminars and trainings. Seek for mastering new knowledge even if it seems that they will not be useful to you. Collect all diplomas and certificates in the separate folder, supplement the summary. All this is irreplaceable baggage which remains with you forever.

Do not neglect also self-development. Broaden horizons, read more, attend exhibitions and concerts: all this will help you to be considered with the company as the versatile personality.


Build the relations with the management. They should not be familiar or friendly, however top managers have to see in you reliable, loyal to common cause of the person with excellent reputation.


As soon as you understand that within your present position to you became close, define for yourself the following step in the company. Be prepared in conversation with the management. Commit to paper or orally all arguments in favor of your increase, describe those tasks and functions with which you are ready to cope. Accurately and clearly prove the desire to hold a new position. Define for yourself a desirable wage level and surely sound it to the administration.

It is better to carry out similar conversation at a well-chosen moment, for example, when vacancy is released or there is an expansion. But can not wait for a happy occurence: very often new positions are created under specific workers.

And it is possible, you and should not begin conversation with the management. If before you proved as the professional, the chief himself will offer you increase.