How to construct sledge

How to construct sledge

It is unlikely it is possible to find the child who does not like to ride a sledge. Among winter entertainments for children it is possible to call driving on a sledge from the mountain with confidence the most cheerful pastime and no wonder that children who have no sledge, with envy look at the contemporaries who have them. You can make a winter sledge for the child own hands – they will be strong, reliable and durable.

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For a start make of a chipboard of a form on whom you will do frames and runners of a sledge. Process forms the grinding machine. From an ash-tree 20 mm thick cut strips of which you will make frames.


Miss the mark strips with epoxy and lay them in forms for bending, pull together with the clamps tightened evenly and dry within 12 hours. Smooth out preparation edges, and then make the second runner.


Give to the lower edges of runners the necessary form, using a round mill, and then pull together the first frame and rearrange it on a form. Separately cut preparation for a cross-piece of sledge and drill on an axis of the lateral plane of a cross-piece of an opening with a diameter of 12 mm.


Note the center of each cross-piece a pencil and combine axes of all details. Thus, collect all frames, smooth out seams an emery paper, and then pass to assembly of sitting of sledge. From an ashen board cut three small plates of 20х48х765 mm in size.


Saw boards to 8 mm in thickness. Lay boards, densely pressing them to each other, on a working surface, and then process them a plane or the grinder, bringing thickness to 6 mm and then lay sitting boards firm laying. Fasten all boards and laying with a strong band. Smooth out an emery paper of an edge of sitting.


Establish sitting on frame assemblies so that it was perpendicular to each assembly, and then drill the directing openings in each board. Fix boards and remove the band fastening them to laying. The last stage of assembly of a sledge – fastening of runners.


When sitting is established on frames, establish on a sledge runners with the marked axes of frames and drilled by the directing openings. Fill in connections of frames and runners with epoxy and fasten them screws.


Separately cut sidewalls of a sledge and process them a round mill to create the top edges. Also cut a front bumper of a sledge and drill openings into which towing ropes will be inserted.


Connect a bumper to a sidewall then establish hand-rail in the openings drilled on a front bumper. For strengthening of glue connections squeeze details of a sledge clamps. Cover a ready sledge with a polyurethane varnish.