As in the USA punish for threats in Twittere

As in the USA punish for threats in Twittere

Social networks strongly entered life of people of the whole world and have on it the increasing impact. In particular, testifies that fact to it, what even law enforcement agencies scrupulously trace everything published there. They immediately take measures to the users who allowed illegal statements.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles As determine by the subject "As in the USA Punish for Threats in Twitter'e", whether is the statement threat What new measure of punishment is appointed for promotion of drugs in a network How to go to live in the USA In the USA the Afro-American threatening to kill the president Barack Obama in Twitter was arrested on September 5, 2012. On September 3 on the page in Twitter the young man by the name of Donte Dzhamar Sims 21 years a joy living in the city of Charlotte, State of North Carolina published record which the American intelligence services regarded as threat of murder.

It compared itself(himself) to Kennedy Lee Harvey Oswald suspected of John's murder and promised to put the machine gun to Barack Obama's head. Already every other day the service which protects the top officials of America, sent home to Sims the agent. At first the young man behaved quite defiantly, according to the employee of intelligence services, with a smile declared that hates the president. Thus emphasized that wrote tweets under the influence of marihuana, but the report in the actions gave itself.

After that the agent declared to Sims that is compelled to arrest him. The young man obviously did not expect such turn of events, at once began to apologize, wrote confession with a request for forgiveness. However it was prosecuted and arrested. It happened that day when Barack Obama arrived to Charlotte for participation in congress of Democratic party.

Official statements about, whether Sims admitted the guilt officially, so far is not present. Also it is not reported, whether was during the search which is carried out in its apartment the weapon is revealed. The public does also not know, whether the young man of an offense in the past made, whether had drives in police. The American mass media report that if Sims find guilty, he can be sentenced to imprisonment for a period of up to five years and to a solid penalty of $250 000.

And meanwhile, congress of Democratic party of the USA in Charlotte took place on September 6, 2012. Everything passed without any excesses, the president Barack Obama and the vice-president Joseph Biden became candidates for the presidency. Elections will take place in November.