How to organize SMS service

How to organize SMS service

SMS service is a business which is based on informing users of the mobile phone on various actions, quizes. Through SMS service many dating services work, open votings are taken, goods or services are offered. It appears, to organize such business absolutely simply, it is necessary to know some organizational and technical moments only.

It is required to you

- computer;
- Internet access;
- ideas of business;
- funds for fee of the company aggregator.

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Define a kind of activity which you wish to offer through SMS service. Perhaps, it will be references to downloading. For example, the user decided to download the program for the computer. On the site he clicks the link, and it is offered to enter the password which can be received, having sent a SMS message to certain short number. And maybe, it will be collecting donations or payment of utilities through SMS - options there can be a set.


Make the business plan of your idea (it is required for the registrar of number).


Be registered as PBOYuL in the tax inspection.


Address to the company aggregator. These organizations are engaged in sale of beautiful and short mobile numbers, they have contracts with many mobile operators therefore the user of any network will be able to send without problems a SMS message to your number.

The companies aggregators will take away 5-10% of cost of each message sent by the user, and the award of the mobile operator will make to 45% of the sum which will be spent by the user of communication. In this company it is necessary to write the application on registration of number, and the ready business plan for this purpose will be required, after all there is a great number of swindlers, to work with which aggregators refuse. By the way, generally sellers of short numbers work only with PBOYuL.


Come into a private office on the site of the company aggregator. Having signed the contract with the organization registering short numbers you get access to a private office on the site of this company. In a private office it will be possible to trace the level of the income.

Besides the company aggregator will hand out to you the lease of number in which process of an exchange of your script with an aggregator script will be in details stated. What does it mean? The user of a mobile network sends a SMS message to number rented by you. SMS accepts the aggregator. If necessary the aggregator transfers the accepted information on the user to your script in order that the program could generate an access code, for example, to the same reference to downloading of the program. Automatically generated code is transferred again to a script of the aggregator which sends it in a reciprocal SMS message to the user.