As all to be in time at a lesson

As all to be in time at a lesson

Modern educational standards and programs demand from the teacher of ability accurately and elaborately to organize a lesson. And in order that educational occupation turned out saturated, information, effective, it is necessary to define and realize its ultimate goal and to observe the time mode.

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Formulate three types of the purposes to each lesson: informative, educational and developing. Accurate following to the purposes will help to structure a training material, to hold to the plan of a lesson and not to leave aside from a subject.

Try to observe structure of educational occupation. The structure is an arrangement and interrelation of parts which provide complete fabric of a lesson. Building parts, remember perception stages pupils of knowledge: acquaintance, judgment of new material, storing, application of knowledge in practice, a reflection.

Use a certain set of parts of a lesson which will help to make everything that is planned. Begin with organizational part lasting 2-3 minutes. It includes the following: greetings of the teacher and pupils, fixing absent, check of readiness of pupils to a lesson.

Take away 5-10 minutes on check of homework.

Then pass to activization of attention of pupils – 5-7 minutes. Tell to pupils the occupation purpose, a subject and tasks, show the practical importance of the studied material. It will help them to concentrate on a subject, to understand the importance and importance of its studying.

Allow more time for the following stage (an explanation of new knowledge) - 15-20 minutes. It is best of all to use search, partial and search or problem methods, non-standard receptions at this stage. Use information and communicative technologies are will help to diversify activity of pupils and to avoid an overload at a lesson. Very well basic abstracts and schemes, short tezisny records help with notebooks, use of personal experience of pupils.

Surely plan time for fixing of new material and check of as far as pupils acquired it. If to consider that on delivery of homework it is taken away usually minutes 2, it is possible to allocate all remained time for this penultimate part of a lesson. Tasks for the fixing studied have to be available, consecutive and various.

Carefully think over each part of a lesson, consider the level of readiness of your pupils is will help you to execute on occupation everything that is planned, and to achieve good results.