How to create the scheme for embroidery

How to create the scheme for embroidery

In spite of the fact that the shortcoming of schemes for an embroidery is not present, over time there can be a desire to create the scheme independently, for example, to represent a favourite picture or the pleasant image. After all not always on sale there are suitable pictures. One of free programs for creation of vyshivalny schemes can help with it.

It is required to you

- computer
- EmbroBox program
- the pleasant image

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Download the EmbroBox program, it is free and less than 2 Mb weigh. It is convenient to that allows to select concrete shades of threads and to count their length. You will also be able to learn the amount of future work. Thus, you will count in advance, in how many to you purchase of an outline and necessary threads will manage.

Start the program and start entering data. At first the program will ask you to enter number of additions of a thread which you use. Enter figure and press "Further". At the following stage count, how many sections in 10 cm of your outline, enter result and also press "Further". Specify the cost of one hank and its length.


The calibration window - for determination of the size of sections of an outline will open. Apply an outline to the screen and combine it with that that on the monitor. If necessary use the More Small and More largely buttons.


Now load the image from the hard drive of the computer. It has to be the picture in the jpeg, bmp or gif format. One pixel will be equal to one section of an outline, thus, drawing of 100х100 pixels will be embodied on an outline of 100х100 sections in size. If your drawing is more than 800х800 pixels, in advance reduce it in any graphic editor. The Transformation of the Image window will open. Choose a desirable palette from offered, quantity of the used colors, a type of degradation and press OK. Than the picture the realistichny is more than flowers, subjects. But than flowers it is less, those to you should buy less different shades of threads and the it will be simpler to embroider.


The big window where you will see the initial image, its scheme, preview of result, the table of flowers, etc. will open. You learn quantity of sections and the sizes of a ready picture across and verticals. In the central part - the scheme where every color it is designated by the badge. The name of the necessary hanks of strings of a mouline thread of DMC, quantity of hanks and a total cost is below shown. At a toolbar above there are buttons - by means of which if necessary change the data entered at the beginning.

If everything suits you, print out the scheme of an embroidery together with designations of flowers. Press "Press" toolbars. The window with settings will open. Specify the size of cages of the scheme, spaces from edges of the page. Before printing the scheme, keep it in the wmf format: press "Export", choose the folder and enter the name of the file, press "to Keep". Separately unpack "Legend" - the table of flowers. For this purpose in the corresponding window choose "the 2nd option" - then designations will be in Russian. Press "Export" and keep "Legend" in the necessary folder. Unpack it.