How it is correct to grow up a faukariya?

How it is correct to grow up a faukariya?
Faukariya (Faucaria) family aizovy. In a sort thirty six types are. The homeland – deserts of South Africa.

Faukariya tigerish (Faucaria tigrina). Couple fleshy, shipasty at the edges of leaves remind an open toothy mouth. Thorns soft, not prickly. Large, to five centimeters in the diameter, flowers with narrow petals bright, zolotisto – yellow color.

Faukariya bugorchaty (Faucaria tuberculosa). At the edges of leaves of this faukariya not teeth, but hillocks are located. Flowers too yellow, but a little more small, to four centimeters in the diameter.

The soil substratum for cultivation of a faukariiya is prepared from one part of the sheet earth and one part of sand.
Faukariya needs light, solar lighting.
Water a plant in the summer – plentifully, in the fall – it is moderate, in the winter – do not water absolutely.
Low humidity of air is necessary for this plant.
In the winter the faukariya is contained at a temperature of five – ten degrees Celsius. It is very important in order that in the summer the faukariya blossomed.
I leave a plant in the room in the summer.
Top dressing is carried out by three – four times during the summer.
Cutting is not necessary to a plant.
Replace a faukariya once in three years.
The faukariya the dried sheet shanks breeds.
Dormant period for a plant – winter.
Time of blossoming comes in the summer.