How to put the new hard drive

How to put the new hard drive

Modern hard drives very reliable can also work very long term. But nobody is insured from breakage of any equipment. If the hard drive failed, probability of that it can be repaired, is low. Then it is necessary to get and install the new hard drive. Process this not difficult, but is some nuances connected with type of interfaces of hard drives and motherboards. It is necessary to pick up the winchester which will approach under the interface of your motherboard.

It is required to you

the computer, the hard drive with the SATA socket or the IDE socket, a screw-driver.

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For a start learn, what interfaces equipped your motherboard. It can be made, having looked at technical documentation to your computer. Look, whether there is on the motherboard a SATA interface. If you have no technical documentation, it is possible to look at connection interfaces on the motherboard. After all anyway the system unit should be opened.


Disconnect the computer from food. Turn off screws which fix a cover of the system unit and uncover the system unit. Now on the motherboard find SATA inscription. Nearby there are interfaces of connection of SATA. Usually these interfaces are in the bottom right corner of the motherboard. Consider that SATA interfaces can be absent on quite old motherboards.


If the SATA interface was found, the hard drive means it is necessary to buy also with the SATA socket. If you did not have this interface, get the winchester with the socket of connection of IDE.


If you change the non-working hard drive, take it from the system unit. For connection of the SATA winchester connect one end of a SATA cable to the winchester, and install the hard drive in the necessary compartment of the system unit. Connect the second end of a SATA cable to the free SATA socket on the motherboard. Then connect food to the winchester.


It is necessary to connect the IDE winchester by means of a 80-wire cable. Some such loops have to go in a set to the computer or the motherboard. Also they can be bought separately. Find the IDE socket on system to a payment. Them can be two - primary and secondary. Though it is possible to connect both the drive, and the winchester to one IDE socket, it is not recommended to do it, differently it is necessary to use special crossing points. Now, as well as in the previous case, connect the winchester to the motherboard by means of a 80-wire loop. Then connect food.


Further check operation of hard drives. Do not hurry to close a cover of the system unit. Connect food to the computer and include it. If the hard drive works normally, close a cover of the system unit.