How to fill in the personal income tax form 3

How to fill in the personal income tax form 3

The tax law grants to citizens the right to privileges on a tax on the income of natural persons – a property deduction on acquisition of housing, social deductions on treatment, own training and education of children, contributions according to the program of joint financing of pensions, etc. For their registration it is necessary to submit the declaration in a form 3-NDFL.

It is required to you

- 2-PIT statement;
- the payment documents confirming expenses on treatment, education, acquisition of housing, etc.

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To fill in the declaration, receive in accounts department of your enterprise the certificate of the income in a form 2-NDFL. Prepare the payment documents (receipt and cash warrants, checks, payment orders, etc.) confirming expenses on acquisition of real estate, purchase of drugs, payment of educational services.

Forms of sheets of the declaration on a tax on the income of natural persons can be received in the tax inspection. Bring in the corresponding lines and cells the personal and passport data, an INN, data on the income and the due tax privileges. Use the helps on pages of the declaration helping to fill forms.

All records have to be carried out by printing letters ink of black or blue color. Try not to make mistakes, corrections and blots. Pay attention what it is necessary to fill in not all sheets but only what treat your concrete situation: for example, if you gain income which is assessed at the rate of 13%, bring data in section 1 if are engaged in business activity or private practice – fill in the sheet B, etc.

To understand artful designs of the tax declaration it is difficult, besides manual registration is fraught with numerous mistakes and errors. Therefore inspections of FTS of the Russian Federation recommend to fill a form of the report in electronic form in the special program. Download it from the official site of Federal Tax Service or the developer's site – the Main research computer center of FNS of Russia. Carry out instructions on installation.

Open the section "Task of Conditions" in the program. Note a type of the report – the declaration 3-NDFL and specify number of inspection of FNS of Russia. Besides, if you are the lawyer, the notary, the individual entrepreneur or the head of a farm, make about it a mark in the column "Sign of the Taxpayer" or put a sign in a cell "Other natural person".

Fill in "Data on the customs applicant": surname, name, middle name, birth date and birth place, passport data, registration address. Specify a code of your settlement by OKATO: he can be learned in the tax inspection or according to the reference book of OKATO in legal systems.

The following step enter information on income gained in Russia and beyond its limits if those are available in the program. Specify the salary, dividends from investments in stocks and other securities, and also the other income assessed at the rates of 9, 13 and 35%. List employers and other sources of payments.

Then on the Deductions tab enter the sums of the tax privileges relying you: standard deductions which sums are specified in the 2-PIT statement, social – no more than 120 thousand rubles and property for the sum no more than 2 million rubles.

Fill in all sections of the declaration, check them through the Preview function. Select item of the Press menu, and the program itself will define what of sheets and sections need to be unpacked.