How to make an ideal figure

How to make an ideal figure

Who does not dream of an ideal figure. But in different centuries and an ideal too was a miscellaneous. Let's remember at least women on cloths of Rubens or anoreksichny top models of the end of the last century. So what figure can be considered ideal today, and that it is necessary to do to the modern woman to come nearer to perfection.

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The thin bend of a waist, sloping rotundity of hips, harmonous feet, the distinguished line of a neck, elastic breast – all these qualities of a figure caused admiration and in ancient centuries, do not stop being criterion of an ideal body and today. Very seldom to whom ideal corporal forms are given by nature just like that without any efforts and efforts. Moreover, without permanent job over itself and over the body of an ideal figure to you not to see well as know that without mirror.


The first in the list of that will help to reach to you an ideal figure, there is a fitness. Regular trainings sport will bring your muscles and skin into a tone, will strengthen an organism. The skilled trainer, having listened to your wishes, will be able always to pick up some individual program, being engaged on which you will be able to tighten this or that part of the body, to make it more attractive. For example, the Body Ballet program perfectly improves a bearing, tightens gluteuses therefore it is to the taste to the girls wishing to find a beautiful bottom.


If usual sports activities cast over you melancholy, to them there is a fine alternative. These are dances. Think, what type of dance to you closer and glance at a leisure in local dancing studio. Ball dance will help you to improve a bearing, the Latin American dances will give to your hips elasticity, and oriental dances will tighten a belt and will help to get an ideal waist.


Not to do thus and without support of an organism from the outside. SPA procedures will do good not only skin. Use of salts, massage, a manual lymphatic drainage will help to clean fatty deposits, will accelerate your exchange processes. And the Russian bath or the Finnish sauna will only consolidate their effect.


But all these councils can be defeated utterly if against the given classes and procedures you do not watch the food. But it is impossible to go on a rigid diet too. Extremes still led nobody to anything good. The rule of golden mean works and here. The balanced food during the day, reasonable portions, reduction in the diet of sweet and fat products and sufficient consumption of liquid – all these measures will not fail to affect your figure and who knows, can at you it will become ideal.