Prompt masks for rapid growth of hair?

Prompt masks for rapid growth of hair?
They say that hair on average grow in a month by 1 cm. At someone quicker, at someone more slowly. If to do nothing it. But, if to make some efforts, that, with very high probability, hair not only will start growing quicker, but also their state much more to improve.

Mask No. 1
In 2 hours before everyone washing of the head rub the mask consisting of the following components in roots of hair:
Castor oil – 1.l.
Egg (it is possible only a yolk) – 1 piece.
Juice of 1 bulb (small)
Honey – 1 tsp.
Having applied a mask on hair, put on the warming cap to improve penetration of useful substances of products into head skin. When wash the head, rinse hair acetic or lemon solution to get rid of an onions smell.

Mask No. 2
Mix spirit tincture of a calendula with castor oil, proceeding from the following proportion:
- if head skin of fat, 10 parts of a calendula to 1 part of oil;
- if head skin dry, quantity of components the equal.
Rub in roots of hair 2-3 times a week before going to bed.

Broth from a willow and a burdock
Take on 20 g of dry roots of a willow and roots of a burdock. Fill in them with liter of water and boil minutes 15. Let's be drawn, filter, wring out. Rinse with this broth the head 3 times a week.

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