What is Put Fiery Volkh

What is Put Fiery Volkh

Day of Fiery Volkh – an ancient holiday. He was marked out by ancient Slavs on September 14. In the first month of fall they honored the pagan god of justice and war guarding an entrance to a mysterious Iriysky garden. And together with it paid a tribute of respect to Mother earth.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "What Is Put Fiery Volkh" Chto such Lita Chto such the World day of oceans As celebrate Day of seamen in Iceland On a legend Fiery Volkh was born from the union of Mother of the crude earth and the lord of powers of darkness of Indrika-zverya. When the boy grew up, he killed the father and seized his power over powers of darkness. Not casually the name Volkh sounds probably on "magician", that is the magician, the wizard.

The found power seemed to the young man insufficient, he wanted to receive forces and from the Kingdom of Heaven. For this purpose Volkh turned into a falcon, arrived in the Iriysky garden which was in the sky, and tried to peck magic gold apples. The one who tried these fruits, received an absolute power over the world and eternal life.

But here the young man heard a wonderful female voice. It was sung by beautiful Lelya, an embodiment of purity and virginity. Fiery to Volkh understood that it should not submit the Universe, he wants to be only near the beauty. They fell in love with each other, but could not marry Lelya Volkh. After all he was from the underground world, according to laws of the universe had to fight against powers of light. Therefore beloved had to meet secretly.

But learned about the forbidden communication the sister Lelya, the Madder and Is live. They trapped Volkh about a window of darling where he flew a falcon at night, and thrust sharp needles in an aperture. Lelya's lover wounded wings and could not get inside. It had to return to the dark kingdom.

But Lelya did not reconcile to loss of the beloved. She left the heavenly house, many years wandered all over the world, wore out three couples iron boots, broke three staffs pig-iron, ate three bread of the stone. From her bare feet going on sharp stones blood from which drops there were roses flew. Eventually it found darling, released him from the underground world. From the terrible and ruthless enemy of light forces Volkh turned into the defender of good.

Researchers assume, what exactly this pagan god – a prototype of such heroes of the Russian fairy tales as Finist the Clear falcon and the Grey Wolf. It is interesting that on September 14, in Day of Fiery Volkh, Slavs celebrated a crop holiday. They thanked Volkh's mother – the Crude earth. And still extinguished old fire and by means of flint lit the new. This day treated guests everywhere, baked pies from a flour of a new crop, cooked beer and celebrated.