How to treat a fungus between fingers

How to treat a fungus between fingers

It is possible to catch a fungus at direct contact with already infected person or when using the general footwear and sanitary products. Most often infection occurs in such places as a bath, a sauna, the pool.

It is required to you

Burov's solution, solution of aluminum of chloride of 25%, garlic, alcohol, Veronika's grass.

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If you caught a fungus, the first that it is necessary to make – to get rid of those subjects which directly contacted to your feet. Therefore without regret get rid of basts and towels for feet. It is better not to risk and throw out house slippers. If you grudge the footwear, you can get insoles and carefully wipe them and an internal surface of footwear lemon slices. But do this procedure at least 2-3 times within a week. Treatment of a fungus will take one month. But to prevent repeated infection it is difficult.


For disposal of a fungus buy medicines with the maintenance of a tolnaftat or mikonazol. Rub them between toes 2 times a day. Do not stop procedure after disappearance of a fungus. Continue them about two more weeks to avoid recurrence.


Do the moistening compresses, using Burov's solution. Moisten in it wadded tampons and put between fingers. To hold enough 15-20 minutes.


In a drugstore order solution of aluminum of chloride of 25%. It perfectly dries wounds and cracks and destroys a fungus. Apply with a wadded tampon solution in interdigital space daily on 3 times in a day. After disappearance of a fungus in the preventive purposes continue processing by solution of 2 more weeks.


Dissolve a small amount of baking soda in warm water, and rub the struck places.


Take 100 g of a grass of Veronika and make it in one liter of boiled water. After that continue to boil a quarter of hour. Wait until infusion cools down, and use for foot trays. The prepared means keeps the properties for two days.


In equal quantities mix alcohol and the wrung-out garlic juice. Dilute with water in the ratio 1:10. The turned-out solution wipe interdigital space.