How to learn on whom the car is registered

How to learn on whom the car is registered

Owners of cars can get involved in bad stories. For example, at sale of the car under the general power of attorney the buyer undertakes to issue it on himself, and then unexpectedly to the seller the receipt comes to a transport tax or a penalty. Or there are cases of behavior of participants of traffic incorrect (to put it mildly) (arrival, an undercut, small violations of the rules of traffic) when the guilty driver disappeared, without having wished to speak. There is a fair question: how to learn on whom this car is registered?

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As a rule, on legal grounds only the staff of traffic police possesses this information. Also it is necessary to address to them. On a uniform database they can learn everything and about the car, and about her owner. However, not the fact that these data will be kindly provided to the third party according to the first requirement. At most that you can, write the application for infringement of your driving or civil license, buttressed up real by facts, documents or testimony. For example, in a case with problem transactions of purchase and sale, you will be in detail told that it is necessary to do.


In case you need data for judicial proceedings, declare the civil suit and in process submit the petition. The court will independently request data on the car owner.


Of course, similar information can try to be got on the Internet or through "competent" people. But remember that its downloading and storage - procedure penal.


Is, of course, and online services, of the this kind, spreading databases anyone. Here already everyone solves itself – whether to go to it on the transaction with the conscience or not.