How to draw a deer

How to draw a deer

The deer – a beautiful and noble animal, and his drawing will give pleasure to any artist. If you the beginning artist, and only started mastering art of painting or graphics, drawing of a deer will allow you to perfect technology of drawing by a pencil of living beings and to improve the abilities. In this article we will acquaint you with a step-by-step method of drawing of a deer a pencil on paper.

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Find the accurate and large photo of the head of a deer and make it black-and-white, using any graphic editor. On the black-and-white copy of the photo draw a grid with identical cells of the average size. The grid will help you to be guided with drawing and to find places with which you began and on which finished this or that fragment.


Find the initial point of drawing which will help to understand, whether drawing will be located on paper (usually it is the top part of the drawn figure). Transfer measurements of a grid and a grid to paper for drawing and define, from what point you will start drawing.


Start representing a deer, drawing his left eye in the point of the sheet of paper defined in advance. Be guided by the corresponding cell of a grid and try to redraw in details that in it is represented.


Measure distance from the left eye to right on a grid, lay the same distance at yourself on paper and continue to draw the second eye. The grid cell on paper has to correspond to a grid on the original.


Having drawn eyes, pass to drawing of the general contour of the head and ears of a deer. Draw ears, the top, the extended muzzle and a nose. Try to copy completely photo elements in the corresponding cells of the grid. Plan a trunk silhouette, add easy shadows and forms of the spots painting ears and deer hair.


Continue to draw shadows – do their nasyshchenny. Sketch a black pencil of an eye, having left easy white patches of light. Being verified with the original, add shading dark and light areas to the deer, giving to drawing more than a volume and realness.


Shade shadows round eyes and a nose. Where light places are required, walk on too dark shadows sharply cut off eraser tip.


Shade, add patches of light, shade sharp transitions of drawing until the deer in your picture becomes the most similar to the prototype to photos. When you stop putting shadows and the invoice of wool, add some strokes – moustaches, eyebrows, separately seen wool hairs. Your drawing is ready.