How to accelerate the monitor

How to accelerate the monitor

Modern LCD monitors possess quite good characteristics. Unfortunately, some producers intentionally sew the microprogram which does not allow monitors to work at full capacity in devices.

It is required to you

- SiSoft Sandra.

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Begin with clarification of parameters of the videocard and the monitor. In this case it is necessary to determine not nominal productivity, but those characteristics with which these devices can work. Download and install the SiSoft Sandra program. You can use and other utility for collection of information, but be convinced that it provides the authentic information.

Open the Video System Information menu. Find out the modes with which your monitor and the video adapter can work in common. Find that mode which you want to use. Open properties of the screen, having clicked with the right button a desktop. Be convinced that this mode cannot be set standard means.

Press a combination of the Win and R keys. Enter the Regedit team into the opened field and press the Enter key. After opening of branches of the register pass to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE System CurrentControlSet Services catalog. Find a branch of Class and choose the Display folder.


Study Modes catalog contents. Choose a color saturation and a display resolution. Find By the default parameter and register for it additional values of frequency of updating of the screen. Keep register configurations.

Reopen properties of the screen and choose a new operating mode of the device. If you want to establish a deep water of color for a certain permission, create the additional catalog, for example 1600, 1200, in the necessary branch. Copy in it data from the similar catalog of a branch with the smaller depth of color.

If in the course of dispersal there was a mistake, reboot in a safe operating mode of OS. Cancel changes of parameters of the register. Again load the usual mode and try to use other settings for the monitor.