How to get rid of fat on a waist

How to get rid of fat on a waist

Fat in a human body is distributed unevenly. There are some areas in which is to lipids more comfortably. Accumulating fat here, the organism tries to reserve though some amount of energy on a case of sudden hunger. Waist area – one of such places. To expel fat from here, it is necessary to try very much.

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Eat very orderly, eating every time a portion of fast protein and vegetables. The organism has to understand that hunger does not threaten it, and it is possible to increase metabolism level bravely.


Eat each 2,5 – 3 hours, reduce the use of the sweet. Thus you exclude sharp jumps of insulin in blood. Insulin is responsible for adjournment of fat around sides.


Increase the vitamin D use. Researches of scientists from University of Minnesota (USA) proved that deficiency of this vitamin can prevent to lose weight. Do not forget about mushrooms, cod-liver oil and dairy products. Acquire a tan.


Increase the general physical activity. Add one cardiotraining or two power to already existing training program.


If you do not play sports, came to make time it. Your weekly program has to include three power trainings and two kardio.


Be not engaged with burdenings. Ideal exercises for a fat sgonka from sides have to be directed on endurance. You will be helped by such exercises as a level, a lateral level, twisting, different types of bridges.


Accept an emphasis lying on elbows. The body has to be straightened completely. Elbows are strictly under shoulder joints. Hands can be linked in the lock. Feet together also lean on socks. You have to feel tension in all body. Do not allow deflections in a waist and do not curve a back. Hold this situation as it is possible more long.


Lay down sideways, having connected and having straightened feet. Put a forearm on a floor, the elbow is strictly under a shoulder joint. Lift a basin so that all case represented one straight line: from the top to heels. Be late in this situation, how many will be able. Have a rest and repeat for other party.


Lay down on a floor, put hands at right angle to a body. Heels lean on a big fitbol. Keeping balance, lift a basin so that the body from the shovels lying on a floor to knees represented a straight line. Lower a basin on a floor, repeat.


Lay down a back on fitbol. Rest heels against a floor. Feet are slightly placed. Link hands in the lock and raise hands vertically over a breast. Keep balance and raise in turn up that right shoulder, left. Execute the maximum number of repetitions.