How to improve appetite of a dog

How to improve appetite of a dog

Appetite at dogs – business individual. One dogs without interest look in a bowl and depart. Others are ready to sell for a titbit of the owner with all his property. The third eat only moderately, but do not refuse and the tasty. Sometimes it makes sense to increase artificially appetite, for example, at deficiency of weight at teenage puppies.

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Be convinced that the dog is healthy, and need for appetite increase really is present. With it you will be helped by the veterinarian or the skilled factory owner. Estimate fatness of a dog: edges in norm are probed, but do not stick out. The belt tightened, but not hollow. Sciatic bones do not look sharp, and joints have no noticeable thickenings.


If the dog began to refuse food suddenly or gradually loses appetite is a symptom of a disease. Address to the veterinarian for full inspection. Insufficient activity, a techka, pregnancy can be the physiological cause of appetite. During a heat animals usually eat much less without any negative consequences.


For a start increase physical activities: walk with a dog more. Arrange active games on air. The adult, well developed alumna can be accustomed to towage of the skier or jogs near bicycle. To puppies such loading is inadmissible.


Correctly feed a dog. Two give food strictly or three times a day. The daily norm is divided into equal parts. At one time the dog has to eat all share of a forage. If in a bowl something remained – clean the remains before the following feeding and next time put exactly so less. When the animal is accustomed to eat everything that distances, forage volume gradually add, to the recommended.


If only loadings and discipline do not help, the bitterness can use – the substances of a phytogenesis applied to appetite improvement. For dogs recommend to use infusion of a wormwood or roots of a dandelion. Fill in a tablespoon of the crushed raw materials with boiled water, insist 15 minutes. To apply on one tablespoon of the filtered infusion for half an hour before feeding.