Why video is not looked through

Why video is not looked through

On the Internet there are a lot of sites on which it is possible to find movies for online viewing. Also many various videos contain on pages of vkontakte.ru, other social networks; youtube.com. When viewing videos there can sometimes be problems.

The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "Why Video Is Not Looked Through" How to facilitate video How to copy in a flash player How to establish new Internet Explorer by the Reason of that does not open video on the web page, there can be a disconnected function of viewing of video files in the browser. It can be checked easily. Pass into the Service menu if you have an Internet Explolrer browser, select the Internet Options item. Further pass to In the addition tab, be convinced that near the "Reproduce Video on Pages" point the tag is established. In other browsers viewing of video is made automatically.

If settings true, but video on the site is not displayed, you need to execute the following. Check, whether the latest version of a flash player in the "Installation and Removal of Programs" point is established at you. If it is not present in the list, pass to the official site of a http://get .adobe.com/flashplayer player/, click on the Download button. After installation of a player restart the browser.

Open the site if the video on the page is not reproduced, right-click on it. Choose the option Settings, select the third tab. Remove a tag near the Never Ask Again point, translate the index on the chart to the right up to the end, further close a window, reboot the page.

If at you it did not turn out to see the video, try to install other browser and to open video with its help. Clear kesh and cookies, for this purpose press a combination of the Shift+Ctrl+Delete keys, note tags the necessary points and click "OK". Check, whether Java-Script in the browser is included.

If on the computer the firewall is established, it can block display of video. If you established Outpost, pass into the Options menu, select the Plugins setup item, click Active content, further press the Properties button. Near the line Scripting ActiveX the Block parameter has to be established, just it also blocks display of video on pages. It is not necessary to remove it, pass into a laying of Exclusions, find in the list or add manually addresses of those sites from which you look through video. Double click on the site and select the Properties item, establish value dya to Scripting ActiveX – Permit. Close all windows, having pressed "OK". Reboot the site.