How to see the downloaded movie

How to see the downloaded movie

Before you start viewing of the downloaded movie on the Internet, you should execute a number of certain actions. It is necessary to notice that not always the downloaded video can be reproduced on your computer – in certain cases for its viewing can the additional software is required.

It is required to you

Computer, set of codecs, antivirus, media player.

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Before you start the movie downloaded from the Internet on the computer, you need to be convinced that it does not pose any threat for the personal computer operating system. For this purpose you need to execute scanning of the movie on existence of viruses. With this task you will be helped by any anti-virus appendix. To check record for viruses, click on its label with the right button of a mouse and choose the Check for Viruses command. Let's note that this team can be inaccessible in case on the computer there is no the established software. After the antivirus notifies you on safety of the downloaded file, you can start its viewing.


The most popular program for viewing of movies on the computer is Windows Media Player today. This application is by default installed on the personal computer. To reproduce video by means of this program, you need to click on a movie label with the right button of a mouse and to choose the Reproduce with the Help parameter. In the menu give command of reproduction through Windows Media Player. If the file does not manage to be read in the appendix, it speaks about absence on your computer of necessary codecs. To correct it, you need to establish a set of K-Lite Codec Pack codecs on the personal computer.


You can download this set on the Internet. After loading it is necessary to execute check of a package on viruses. If the installer is not infected, install codecs on the computer and reboot system. Repeated reproduction of the downloaded movie will be successful.