How to write messages in game

How to write messages in game

The majority of modern games have the network mode or are calculated on network interaction with other players. Development of telecommunication technologies gave the chance to use fast and inexpensive means of communication in life, and to play with other people still more interestingly and difficult, than with artificial intelligence of the computer opponent. For communication with other players use also voice channels now, however by the most popular method of communication during game still there is a text.

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There are certain distinctions in use of services of an exchange of text messages between various games, however the basic principles remain invariable. It is possible to consider ways of text communication in games on the example of the famous and most popular network game WoW.


Press the Enter button for an entrance to game service of an exchange of messages. This action will cause a text field in the lower part of the screen. The icon in the form of a cloud message in the left part of the panel of a window of a game chat will allow to choose addressees of messages and channels on which it will extend. For a choice of the channel click a mouse key on a cloud message and choose one of channels among the provided options — "for all", "only for the fraction", "the Defense channel and others.


Enter the message in a text field, using for this purpose keyboard keys. During input of the text some game functions will be inaccessible as any pressing the keyboard will be apprehended as the printing of the text. Press "Enter" again to send the message to a chat. It will be displayed for all players or only for a certain group — it depends on the chosen channel of communication.


It is possible to create a special macro which will allow to write the player of the message with multi-colored letters. For this purpose it is necessary to enter the team "/macro" into a chat field, in the opened window to choose the name of a macro and its icon, and to enter the text of a macro: "/run_if _ then_scm=SendChatMessage end (notscm); functionSendChatMessage (msg, typelang, chan) scm ("XXXXXXXXXXX1224Hitem:19:0:0:0:0:0:01224. msg. 1224h1224r, typelang, chan); end;". The XXXXXXXXXXX parameter is responsible for color of the message — for example, assignment 12cFFC2C050 values will give it letters of yellow color, "12cFFF00000" — red.