How to call team on mathematics

How to call team on mathematics

Sometimes participants select the name for team chaotically, touching options which will be offered by everyone. Such approach can tire out to the deadlock when the offered names are not pleasant, and new ideas do not arise. Similar "creative crisis" can be overcome if instead of chaotic to apply system approach.

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Make the list of famous mathematicians. Use the dictionary or the encyclopedia. Do not seek to make a choice at once. Now you carry out something like brain storm. The basic rule - any criticism. Write down names and surnames, commenting on nothing.


Add to the list of the city, connected with mathematical events. It can be settlements in which great mathematicians or in which significant thematic events are annually held were born, or the city is known in the mathematical world for other reasons.


Expand the list, having added names of animals and plants. Some representatives of world around are associated with wisdom, a rationality. Examine animals, insects, trees, flowers, using encyclopedias. Perhaps, the help of biologists, zoologists, other experts is required. Communicate to representatives of the corresponding professions.


Add mathematical terms to the list. If steps 1-4 are executed honestly, the final list can total some tens or hundreds of names.


Print out ready lists for each participant of team.


Gather team in a quiet place where nobody will distract you some hours. It is good to meet behind a cup of tea. Chocolate will stimulate cerebration.


Looking in lists, offer suitable ideas for the name of team. Let one person write down options. Then discuss them in more detail. In the course of work not only will find the name, but also will be able to prove a choice.