How to prepare ginger cake?

How to prepare ginger cake?
Ginger does pastries very spicy and even if in structure the simplest ingredients, and preparation not difficult, cakes and ginger pies turn out successful – tasty and fragrant.

That is required for dough

One and a half glasses of a flour
Glass of sugar
150 ml. milk
120 grams of butter
One egg
Salt pinch
Bag of vanilla sugar
Baking powder teaspoon
Tablespoon of fresh grated ginger or one and a half tablespoons of powder of ginger
Water tablespoon


In a stewpan pour out all sugar and pour in a water spoon. At continuous stirring hold on fire so far mix does not karamelizirutsya, then at once add oil and as it will thaw – milk. Stirring slowly cook five more minutes. add ginger, cover, remove from fire and leave for 15 minutes to cool down and become impregnated with aromas.
Shake up egg. Sift a flour and mix with salt and a baking powder. Pour out to a flour and a thin stream pour in caramel liquid. Mix everything, add vanilla sugar. Dense dough, on a consistence as dense sour cream has to turn out.
Oil a baking dish and pour out dough. Bake half an hour in the oven warmed to 200 degrees. Surely check readiness a toothpick.
Ready cake at will can be watered with chocolate glaze.