How to learn, whether your girl changes

How to learn, whether your girl changes

Passed those times when was considered that changes is an advantage of men. Today women too change the partners. But they do it more sophisticated, than guys. Therefore to understand, whether the girl, not so simply is faithful to you.

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First of all look narrowly at the partner. Whether she began to behave somehow unusually, in a new way. For example, earlier never ironed to you a shirt, and now irons. So can be, it does it not only for you. Psychologists claim that many women start devoting much time to household chores because want to exculpate with themselves for change.

One more bad sign is the criticism the girl of the familiar man. It is quite possible that so she tries to take away your suspicions from the lover. At the same time the girl can start suspecting you of change. It too a known psychological phenomenon - the woman projects the incorrectness on the partner. Look narrowly.


Happens that the girls changing to the partners become cold with them in a bed. No wonder, after all sex on the party is enough for them. But it happens and vice versa. So do not rejoice if your girl became suddenly too loveful. Perhaps, she simply thus wants to make amends. Observe it more attentively, listen as she sleeps. When the woman is nervous, she can talk in a dream. Suddenly yes will say others man's name?


One of signs of change are frequent and long delays of the girl at work. Yes, it is possible, it simply does career. But it is not excluded that your girl spends the time not at work at all, and with the lover. Or is late on service because there is a male suitable object late.

Anyway, difficult to calculate for certain female change. It is possible to try to track the girl, to have with her a heart-to-heart talk. But it is best of all to rely on intuition.