Why plastic windows sweat

Why plastic windows sweat

Recently more and more people give preference to plastic windows. But sometimes owners of new double-glazed windows should face an unexpected problem - plastic windows start misting over. Why plastic windows sweat and how to get rid of this problem?

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The increased humidity of the room, is, perhaps, the most common reason of fogging of plastic windows. It is necessary to know that air temperature is a little higher indoors, than windowpane surface temperature. Therefore if in air there is a surplus of moisture, it will settle on cold glasses that will lead to formation of condensate. To get rid of this problem, it is necessary to open a window and to air the room 3-4 times a day, at least for five minutes.

Lack of due ventilation indoors is other the most often found reason of emergence of condensate on windowpanes. If the ventilating channels located in kitchen and in a bathroom are badly cleaned, your windows will start "crying". For elimination of this reason of fogging of plastic windows it is necessary to clean channels of ventilating system.

It is necessary to know that if as a result of installation the window was too removed from an electric heater, the mode of convection of air is indoors broken. In this case the heating device will not warm a surface of glass and emergence of condensate almost inevitably.

Consider that too wide window sills which are completely closing electric heaters also lead to that windows start "crying". For elimination of this problem it is necessary to do openings in a window sill through which warm air will arrive to glass.

Insufficiently high quality of a profile, bad assembly of double-glazed windows and frames, and also nonprofessionally executed installation of a window design can be one more cause of emergence of condensate on glasses. Accumulation of moisture between glasses testifies to violation of tightness of a double-glazed window. Such window needs to be replaced. For elimination of the problems connected with bad quality of assembly and installation of double-glazed windows it is necessary to address to the company making installation of your windows.