How there was a dance capoeira?

How there was a dance capoeira?
It is still not known what exactly should be understood as the word "capoeira". One consider it as dance with fight elements, others – a type of single combat with dancing elements.

Anyway, the essence of capoeira remains invariable is a system as protection, and attacks, thought up in Brazil a little hundreds years ago. How there was a capoeira?

The majority of kapoeyrist consider that the prototype of this dance fight was thought up still by the South African Indians. The indigenous people of America transferred the knowledge and abilities to the African slaves who ran away to the jungle. Hiding from slaveholders, fugitives created the communities called "киломбуш". As slaves had no weapon, the system of conducting fight barehanded which received the name "capoeira" practiced.

In 1707 the authorities of Brazil forbade capoeira. Thus, slaves had to adapt and disguise the single combat under dance. Minutes of a break between work slaves could work freely skills of fight in dance.

In 1928 capoeira was legalized and became a sport, the second for popularity, in Brazil after soccer.