How to fill the site with information

How to fill the site with information

The most valuable in any site is its content, that is that information which the site offers the visitors. Behind information people come to the Internet and travel according to its uncountable pages. Respectively a question of what to fill the site what to make its content to attract as the bigger number of visitors is possible, is one of the most important and difficult for any webmaster.

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Filling of the site topical and interesting news is a special art. Very often beginning site builders simply do not represent how to fill the site with information with what it is necessary to begin. If you one of them, follow the offered advice.


It is necessary to reflect on site content, its content at a development stage of the site. Depending on what type it is planned to create the site, also information placed on it will depend. Whether there will be it the site blog, a news portal or the commercial site urged to advance services of any company.


It is also desirable to make a detailed plan of creation of content and frequency of its publications. It is easy to understand that the blog has to be updated more often than the site of the company, but thus its information has to be not necessarily rigidly structured and attached to one concrete subject.


At this stage the beginning site builders often face the vital issue – where actually to take concrete information for the content. In general, options here the set and a choice of sources depends on subject of the site and its tasks. If the commercial resource urged to advance services or goods of a certain company, to be its virtual representation is created, certainly, all data presented on the site have to be received only from representatives of this firm and precisely be true.


For the entertaining or news blog as a source of information it is possible to use numerous news lines (, Yandex. News,, etc.) or to do the translations from foreign information portals. Any offline editions (reference books, encyclopedias, specialized magazines, popular scientific books) will be suitable for the thematic sites.


After development of the plan of the publication of materials, it is possible to pass to gradual preparation of content which consists in writing of texts (articles) and selection of suitable pictures. It is possible to write materials as it is independent, and to order to professional copywriters at the text exchanges. However thus it is important to remember that the main value of information in its uniqueness. Neither people, nor search engines do not love the duplicated content which can be found on many sites. Users will ignore such sites, and searchers will simply remove them from delivery. Therefore even if you use rewriting, take care that texts looked readable and possessed high percent of uniqueness.


If you do the site for yourself, for the purposes, but not to order, it is more preferable to focus it on those subjects which are more or less interesting personally to you. First, you will understand such subject, secondly, will update more simply the site as interest in creation of information will not be gone better. It is not necessary to chase the subject which personally is not interesting to you at all and in which you understand nothing what commercially demanded it would not be.


In perception of information play images and video large role. It is known that any text is read better and draws more attention if it is followed by the bright picture. Photos and images can be used as own if you are able to photograph well, and borrowed from various photobanks. Photobanks or photodrains as they are called still, it is the large portals containing the whole bases of the qualitative images available to use. Photos in them can be offered for downloading as is free, and for a small payment. What photodrain to prefer, depends on your views and finance. Their choice on the Internet the very big.


It is very important not to forget about copyright. If take any news or information from other site, surely specify its name and put the reference. Such relation to someone else's information property always makes good impression and increases reputation of a resource.