How to prepare rolls for picnic?

How to prepare rolls for picnic?
Usually outdoors – at dacha or on picnic appetite is played much quicker, than shish kebabs manage to prepare. Here also help out such rolls. To prepare very easily, dough and a stuffing the elementary.

Dough requires a glass of kefir, two glasses of a flour (can a little bit more, depends on a flour), a tablespoon of vegetable oil, a baking powder teaspoon, a pinch of salt and sugar.
For a stuffing: boiled sausage and firm cheese – any quantity and proportions.
A little ketchup and mayonnaise to grease top of rolls is required.

Kefir slightly to heat, add vegetable oil, salt and sugar. To sift a flour, to mix it with a baking powder and to pour out liquid in a flour. To knead dough, it has to be soft and elastic. To ready dough to allow to have a rest a little for now to prepare a stuffing.
To grate sausage on a large grater or to cut in small cubes. To grate cheese on a small grater. To mix sausage and cheese.
From dough to roll a rectangle, slightly to oil it ketchup or vegetable (that the stuffing stuck better), to spread out a stuffing and to curtail roll. To cut on slices, to lay them on the baking sheet laid by baking paper. To grease top of rolls with ketchup and mayonnaise and to put in a hot oven. To bake on average fire of 25 minutes.