How to sell a term paper

How to sell a term paper

Any person, being the student, knows that the student has two main states - to eat and sleep. Also there is still the third state - session when is not and not to sleep. Session, as a rule, creeps imperceptibly, so, in very short time it is necessary not only to study 3-5 disciplines, but also to write 1-2 term papers. Especially talented all this are in time. But there is a category of students (as a rule, not burdened with financial problems and intelligence) who prefers to buy ready scientific work. Demand gives rise to the offer therefore today we speak about that how to sell a term paper.

It is required to you

Actually term paper, the computer with Internet access.

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To sell a term paper, we will need actually term paper. Now there is a set of the sites specializing on resale of scientific works. It is possible to try to cooperate with them, but, by the experience I will tell, the majority of them pays such ridiculous money for ready works that it is better not to consider this option if you really want to earn additionally.
So, the first step - search of the buyer. To look for buyers I advise independently - at forums, by means of social networks, through acquaintances. It is possible to sell the work to students of the same faculty where you studied.


When there is a potential buyer, it is necessary to discuss at once with him some details - whether there are some additional requirements at the teacher (registration, references and so forth) and if is, whether the student himself will adjust your work to necessary requirements, or you will be engaged in it. If the care of registration lays down on your shoulders, once the working costs think of increase.


And, at last, the most pleasant stage - transfer of work and receiving money. I will tell at once, at some fairly clever enterprising senior students and young specialists it turns out to earn not bad during the periods of sessions by sale of the works and writing of the new.