How to find a treasure

How to find a treasure

Search of treasures becomes more and more popular hobby. Young and not really people arm with metal detectors and shovels, go for the weekend to lonely villages, but find most often covers from bottles or scrap metal. How to find the real treasure, with coins and jewelry?

It is required to you

- card;
- information on a treasure;
- good equipment.

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Begin search of a treasure with processing of documents, spend at least some days in archives and libraries. Learn where before revolution there lived rich merchants, noblemen, prosperous peasants. In those dark times very many did hiding places to keep wealth till the best times.

Pay attention to any legends told by old men even if they are more similar to the fairy tale. Cases when they turned out to be true are frequent. Can will go to one of ancient villages where people still live, to communicate to old men, to porassprashivat them about local ceremonies, legends. Write down all talk on a dictophone, note the interesting moments in a notebook.

If you live near the large navigable rivers or the seas, find port books and trade the reporting. Perhaps, one of loaded goods of the ships left port, but left on a bottom because of a storm or breakage. You have every chance to find this ship if it did not sink more deeply, than available to works of divers.

Work in military archives, find places of large fights and battles. Here you will not find pots with gold, but the ancient weapon, coins, buttons, personal belongings – it is quite possible. If you find remains of soldiers, surely report in local office of the union of search works.

Having gone to a suitable place, for example, the former village or the former place of residence of rich people, look round. Pay special attention to ruins of the house and other structures. By means of the metal detector not only walk on buildings, but also "ring round" everything around.

Look for the thrown wells, in them treasures were hidden especially often. Consider that to get into an ancient well it is very life-threatening, especially if it wooden. It can fall off, and you will fill up with the earth alive. If you decided to risk, take with yourself reliable friends, and put on a helmet and the diving equipment with an air reserve.