How to reach harmony of soul

How to reach harmony of soul

Probably, it is impossible to find the person who would not want to be happy and successful. However without sincere harmony with itself and with people around it is impossible. After all harmony is one of the main components of happy and safe life.

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The soul can compare to a peculiar radio receiver which, as well as real, it is possible to adjust on certain waves. On what of them you will be adjusted – depends only on you. Therefore if you wishif you wish that your soul was in harmony, be adjusted on pleasure, on love to yourself and to world around. If you do not make it, you are expected by self-damage, constant diseases and problems.

As the help in achievement of harmony use a relaxation. Such condition of rest promotes relaxation of muscles of a body and removal of mental tension. Though it also cannot be panacea from all troubles, however, as during its carrying out in an organism endorphins, at least, start being developed it promotes improvement of health and mood. In order that it yielded the most effective result, it is necessary to carry out a relaxation daily at least for 15 minutes.

Learn to be quiet. Any person at least half an hour monthly is in silence and in tranquillity. However really to be pacified, enjoy silence at least on some minutes, but every day, after all wise men not for nothing said that silence is similar to gold. Besides, try to devote each Sunday evening to yourself – think over your occupations the next week, be engaged in reading or simply listen to pleasant music.

Develop sense of humour and try to keep positive mood during every day. The humour not only is useful to health, but also promotes removal of tension in any conditions, irrespective of, as far as they heavy. Besides, he helps to create the excellent atmosphere in any collective.

Also skills of the correct and polite communication with people are very important. Each person has something that should learn to see it – listen less speak more.

The concealed offenses and unpleasant situations often are the main subject of experiences and reflections. Therefore learn to contact to people and try to forgive them, and also whenever possible to condemn less those who surrounds you. Besides, for harmony of soul you need ability wisely to solve conflict situations.