How to open the private school

How to open the private school

Opening of private school - not the most profitable business idea, however useful. Quite often private schools are opened by parents first of all for the children and their contemporaries as are dissatisfied with quality of education at public schools.

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Opening of private school will demand enough large monetary investments. These investments will go to the following:
1. rent of the room, large, convenient for training.
2. repair of this room and creation of comfortable conditions of training (purchase of necessary furniture, stock).
3. salary to teachers.
4. registration of legal entity.
5. advertizing.
6. site.


Main issue when opening private school - obtaining the license for educational activity. It is received in government bodies of management of education of subjects of the Russian Federation. For Moscow it is Department of Education of the city of Moscow. To obtain the license, it will be necessary to prepare the documents listed on the site of Department:


If to look at the list of documents which need to be submitted for obtaining the license, it becomes clear that opening of private school - very long and labor-intensive process. After all the license will be granted only at whom the teaching staff is already completed, there is a staff list, the conclusions of the bodies which are carrying out the firefighter and sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, and many other things are collected. Therefore preparation for obtaining the license there begin with creation of the legal entity, selection of qualified personnel, rent and preparation of the room for school, drawing up curricula.


Already at a stage of collecting the documents, necessary for obtaining the license, it is possible to start attracting clients - pupils in private school. For this purpose any advertizing, and also creation of the site on which parents and pupils could learn everything about new school will fit. It is necessary to remember that the most important criterion at a choice of school for the child is, of course, its reputation therefore it is hardly worth expecting that many persons interested will at once come to new school.


At first "gossip hotline" will be good advertizing to your private school - simply tell acquaintances who have children that plan to open private school, recruit in it the best teachers, look for new approaches in training. They can also become your first clients and create to school good reputation.